Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sights of India

India is a vast and beautiful country..  filled with different sights and sounds.   It is one of the most colourful and diverse countries of the world.   An amalgamation of many countries in one single entity,  it carries within itself a diverse set of religion, people, beliefs, culture, tradition, language, landscapes etc.

Every part of the country and state is different.  Within states, every city behaves differently!   It could be very confusing and difficult to decide which part of the country one should be visiting if there is paucity of time.  It could take ages to cover the entire length and breadth of this land.  

With the country spread so far and wide, covering mountains, plains, deserts, coasts and beaches, there is something or the other for everyone to see.

As with the terrain, the people of India from the North to the South have different traditions and culture.

North of India is mostly hilly and for an adventure loving or sports person, this might be the right choice.   Heading to the Himalayas will give ample opportunities to go for white water rafting, trekking etc. through the mountains.   Some of the hill stations like Shimla, Chhail, Manali, Ranikhet, Nainital, etc. are beautiful and breathtaking.

The flora and fauna of this country are diverse and there are wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and zoological gardens spread in each zones and territory of India.

The south of India is mostly the coastal belt and have beautiful beaches.  Kerala and Goa are known tourist attractions for its beaches and natural beauty.  A houseboat ride through the backwaters of Kerala is something that every Indian would want to undertake.    

Delhi, Mumbai or any other Metropolitan cities could give out India in a nutshell.  The cities are a melting point of people from all across the country and therefore a mishmash of everything - from people to religion from different states.

At Wider Canvas, we have tried capturing our experiences of over 20 years in this vast and beautiful country.  We are trying to bring to you the small and big things that make up for this diverse and multi-dimensional nation.  We are currently working and staying in Delhi but belong to God's own country, Kerala.  As a family, we have traveled widely across the length and breadth of India for personal and official reasons.

We never thought of creating a blog when we had undertaken those trips!   But now, when we have started compiling and putting together those moments, we wish we had known we were going to do something like this :)  We would have probably taken a little more nicer looking pics or dug deeper into the history of those places!

But the journey continues and we are very happy to share whatever we can dig out from our secret chambers and can be shared without hurting the sentiments of anybody involved.

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