Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Another New Year looms. And the accompanying resolutions have started nibbling away at the recesses of memory, forcing them to come to surface like long held bubbles fleeing the clutches of time and popping into relevance. The usual suspects are the largest bubbles; exercising, going for a walk, defying the urge of the electronics, dieting and the rest. There are a few smaller bubbles that are growing in size as they race towards the surface of relevance by combining their power. The responsibility of a parent subsumes the bubble of prudential spending which in turn had merged with systematic investing. Gifting oneself with a holiday, going on short travels to places of interest also join the bandwagon.
However, as with previous experiences, I am quite convinced that these are annual trips to wish town and the long drive back to practicality will be on the highway of routine.
We all wish a drastic change to the predictable mundane. But since it always involves a degree of discipline, the change remains a phantasm that fades away into oblivion under the incessant onslaught of monotony.
Thus lives are existed, corroded, maimed and psyched. And yet the new year offers a glimpse into the possibilities, since circumstances change, fortune beckons and opportunities arise. Not always in the form one desires, but come, they do. And fortunate is the person who can catch it by its vicious horns and ride to fulfilment. It’s a short life filled with nobleness. Let’s pledge this year to identify and enhance it.
Happy New Year 2017, slightly in advance.

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