Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016, Welcome 2017

It is always depressing wishing someone goodbye especially if they have been a part of your days 365 days a year!   

2016 came into our life last January and now it's time to say goodbye.   It's been a year filled with experiences - good and bad, happy and not so happy ones creating short and long-lasting impressions.  Whatever it was, it has left an imprint on us and our surroundings and now wants to move on.  

Let's bid 2016 a grand farewell and Welcome 2017 with a heart full of expectations and dreams!

Dreams are the first step towards fulfillment in this world.      What we have in this world is only this moment!  Let us vow to take each day as it comes as it unfolds.   Each and every day is precious and worth what it fills us with.  We just need to see the positive side and everything will just fall into place.  Feel happy for the small small things in life -  A kid smiling, the flowers blooming, the morning sunlight filtering through the leaves can all create mesmerising effects upon our lives.

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