Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Keeping in line with diverse times

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I've been writing about travel a lot..  it is time to shift gears a little as i have been busy exploring multiple other things over the last couple of months.

Artificial Jewelry is one of them!

It is quite in vogue these days.

Most of my acquaintances and the young girls i see in church and metros wear these cute colourful accessories to match.

Some have huge dangling little antique metal earrings with colorful beads at the end or colourful beaded long chains to go with their costumes.

I think it brings in huge sense of variety.  My generation used to feel satisfied and happy with a simple gold chain around the neck or a matching gold and diamond studded earring.

But fashion has taken on a different meaning.  Color, size and diversity rules.

Different kind of material like artifcial metals, antique silver, brass, wood, paper and other stuff can be made to look enchanting on your persona.

I have created some handmade jewellery and put it up on a website - do checkout the link

I have included pieces made from simple beads to semi-precious stones.   Articles made with artificial metals and antique metals are also available.

I think my hobby is turning into a serious business model now!  

In case there is anyone out there who feels interested in knowing more about these or ordering for their personal use, do send me an email at  :)

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