Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Morning Trail

It is very foggy and very cold early in the morning in Delhi these early February days.   One would like to cuddle and go back to sleep deep within the folds of the warm and cozy blanket to the mindless oblivion and dream about another surreal world far away.  But if you put aside all those temptations and step out into the dawn of a beautiful day daring the cold wind hitting your face, you can be witness to some beautiful and real sights that you might just miss otherwise apart from all the health benefits that comes along with a morning walk.

So, with this determination of watching the sunrays falling like golden beams on the earth piercing through the folds of the leaves in the trees like some burning bush, watching the birds welcome the new day with cheery chirrups and pigeons and parrots coming to feast on the grains spread by some morning walkers that I put on my warm and cozy jacket to bare the cold winter outside.

The sights are beautiful to behold and promises a great day ahead.  It also brings a sense of  hope and peace that surpasses all the knots and the tussles of the mind.  It is a wonderful way to prepare ourselves for the rest of the day, thinking and reminiscing about the wonderful way in which God created the earth and sustains it every day!

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