Monday, December 31, 2012

Forget your worries…. Be with a kid

 It is so much fun to be with kids... Even if you are spending time with them for something as mundane as getting to complete their homework or their  studies. 
I have realized that these sessions that I go through with my children is sometimes like getting out of my  own troubles and points of frustration.  It is almost like submerging  myself in  a different kind of world.   I completely forget the pressures of my office, tensions that are part of a joint family system, etc.  It is a  world where we go back to our own school days, copies and books spread on the bed or the table wherever we feel comfortable.   My kids want to be with me where I am and so inevitably the homework time is always my bed!  And for that period, all the copies and books and pencils and erasers of two little naughty ones would juggle for a place as they themselves do, on that little square pad!
I do have a whale of time with them during these sessions, whether it is just helping them find a simple answer to their English lesson or getting to first understand and then teach Sanskrit to my Son or whether it is trying to put some intelligence on the numbers and math solution crunching...  it is so satisfying to see the sparks of understanding that the kids reach when you explain or show them how to do something.  It is a wonderful experience to watch them attain gradual levels of mastery of a subject.   From the incredulousness  of not being able to understand, to the joy of recognition and then a sense of achievement when they actually are able to get a sum cracking.. is a journey that they go through with each new concept..    It is a journey that I would not miss watching for anything in this world.   And I know that they have fun doing this with me!
Sometimes when I see such confidence that my kids gain from these interactions and studies I feel that there are so many out there who miss this.    Every child is just waiting to be taught and moulded and given the right education.  We just need enough people and enough time to spend with them.
And that's something that most of the people don't have enough of these days!  We get so busy in our office work and house work that we often neglect being with children and watch them grow as individuals and gain knowledge right in front of our eyes.    I guess the need is to focus.. Focus on what’s most important in our life.   Sometimes it is important to say no to somethings in life  and stay happy not doing it.   

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